Posts to help you plan

  • Paying for your trip
    When you plan your holiday, make sure you have a budget. There is a likelihood that you will go over budget a bit, but make sure your budget is a reflection of what you can afford. My suggestion is that you don’t put anything on your credit card that you can’t afford to repay before the interest will be calculated. When booking through a travel […]
  • Booking Flights
    Before you book Knowing the right time to book your flights is tough. Personally I think the further out you book them the cheaper and the greater number of flights you have to choose from. Some people leave their flights in the hope that cheaper flights will miraculously appear, just in time for them to travel. It really is a personal choice. I personally like […]
  • Planning your itinerary
    So once you have decided where you want to go and decided that you want to plan it all yourself, the fun really begins. I find, during the initial planning phase. A spreadsheet is a good tool to start with. The first column in my spreadsheet is a date column, and the date is formatted in full to include the day of the week. For […]
  • Travel Agent vs DIY
    Let me just start by saying, there are a lot of great travel agents out there. If you are an internet novice, or you barely have enough time in your day as it is, I suggest you do your homework and find yourself a great travel agent. That being said, if you are comfortable surfing the web and keen to have a go at some […]
  • Deciding where to go
    When you finally decide that the time is right to embark on a trip, it is often very difficult to decide where to go. Most of us have bucket lists of the places we want to go and the things we really want to see. If you are anything like me that list will be very long. Given that everyone is different, I’m not going […]